Ask me anything about Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator questions answered

Adobe Illustrator is my tool of choice for creating artwork in the digital age. I’ve found that it allows me to express the ideas and concepts in a way that is both visually appealing and artistically satisfying. I also realize that its not the easiest program to master and extract your ideas from. Let me help you. Ask me anything about Adobe Illustrator

Over the last few years I’ve offered more than one artist the opportunity to pick my brain about all things Adobe Illustrator, Illustration and all points in between. Each time I find less and less people will ask questions or take this moment to learn something new. I’m not sure what creates this hesitation on the part of the many artists who see my posts. Hear are possible reasons why:

Most artists are shy, just like I was when I started

When I first started out, I was super shy and I really didn’t share my work with others because I thought it wasn’t that good. It wasn’t until I started showing people did I realize that I was better than my self doubting mentality believed. By sharing my work I gain confidence to disregard the shyness, over come my insecurity and my work improved for it.

They are afraid I will make fun of their skill level

Critique is the life’s blood of art. How will you improve unless you know what your stregnths and weaknesses lie? If you ever plan to show your work or make a living selling your art someone is gonna critique your work. Whether its a boss, colleague, client or patron. Someone will have something to say and you should learn to sift through the good and bad of criticism.

They procrastinate then forget to ask later on

Well… I blame this on social media. There’s just waaay too much going on sometimes. We all get busy. You just need know That there’s always time to get better. Always.

Lone Wolf Mentality

Some artist are under the impression that in order to become great you must suffer alone for your art. I’m here to tell you its total bullshit. My vector skills were just ok until I met Scott Johnson and he showed me the inner workings of illustrator over the course of two years. With his help I proved my skills tenfold and would never have gotten better if I choose to work solo.

Overall what I’m saying is Art is a communal activity in every sense of the word. I feel its my duty as an artist to be able to pass my knowledge onto less experienced artist whenever I can.

I implore you to take this opportunity to learn from someone who knows a lot of about Adobe Illustrator. There’s no charge, there’s no gimmick or hidden fee. Its free advice from one artist to another.

Shoot me an email, Facebook or Twitter if you want free insight on how to improve your Adobe Illustrator skills.