Olympic Illustrations

Over the past two weeks or so… I don’t really follow sports to be honest with you, I believe the Olympics happened. I know for sure there was an Olympic event that involved discussing Gabby Douglas’ hair, a pool invested by killer algae and at least an event for the best liar, which Ryan Lochte placed last.

In the midst, of all that I knocked out a couple of Olympic illustrations about the Games.

Usain Bolt

Pope Phoenix Usain Bolt Illustration

Usain Bolt once again showcased his ability to dominate in his field and even had time to take a selfie right before the finish line.

Gabby Douglas

Pope Phoenix GabbyDouglas Illustration

While Gabby Douglas dominated her field she also had to deal with Twitter shaming her for her hair. All while performing gravity defying feats.

These Olympic Games have shown how great these athletes can be at the highest level of competition. I salute you the only way I know how… through illustration!