popephoenix-sketch-25 Learn to draw faster

Learn to draw faster

popephoenix-sketch-25 Learn to draw faster
As you start out as an artist you will find your best work comes in projects you pour all of your heart and all of your time into. Hours turn into days as days turn into weeks. You scrutinize every detail and angle, position and path of every stroke until you’ve reached the finish line you step back and its complete. You feel accomplished.
Some how you end up on Youtube and watch another artist finish a piece with similar skill finish their piece in half the time it took you and you’re crushed. You wonder how the created that illustration so fast. Well let me tell you the first trick to that video. Its a time lapse video and its sped up, lol. It took them a lot longer than it looks.
Now that jokes are out the way here’s the real secret drawing faster. Practice to draw faster. Before you click that Red X in the corner its true. There are two methods to drawing faster that I will teach you here.
Next time you sit down to draw and its just for practice. Its not a commission or a project in any way. Set a time limit of one hour and draw normally and see how far you get into your drawing. The goal is to set a bar with the first drawing. Did you spend that hour sketching out the idea? Did you make it to inking stage? Were you able to lay down color? Did you get to add lighting? Remember this first is all to set a goal for you to try and beat with your next drawing.
With each practice session try to beat the goal set by the previous session. Each time push yourself to get more and more completed by the end of the time limit until you can get to a complete illustration that you’re satisfied with all within that one hour time limit. After you’ve made completed that first drawing in one hour do it a couple more times until you’re comfortable with drawing within that time limit.
Once you’ve mastered the One hour Drawing cut it in half and master the 30 min drawing. Then 15 min drawing. Keep cutting the time until you’ve hit a time frame that you’re comfortable with then master that time frame. This is you’re new speed limit. Be proud of your self.
Seek out other artist, duel them and claim their skill for your own. Just remember… There can only be one!