RUN DMX – A mashup of DMX and RUNDMC




RUN-DMX has been on my mind for quite sometime. Originally when I came up with the idea I thought of it as being an illustration of DMX dressed up as RUN-DMC. But as I started drawing the illustration it wasn’t coming together as you can see here.

popephoenix-HipHop-RUNDMX-portrait popephoenix-HipHop-RUNDMX-sketch

With that image just looking crazy I started thinking of how else I could bring the idea to life while maintaining what I saw in my head. After a few weeks of sitting on the idea I realized DMX was known for pitbulls and everything started to click. I felt like an idiot for not thinking of it sooner.

That was pretty much the tipping point and from there it was a domino effect: doing research on the dog, chain, sneakers and developing the gold chain effect and lighting took the most time to render. In the end I was happy with the execution. I was so happy with it I made it a t-shirt on my Teepublic page:

Run-DMX by Popephoenix

Always remember to close your vectors!