The Glorious 100 – Design

In Part One – Branding I discussed the thought process behind how the branding was used and evolved across the images of the Glorious 100. In Part Two, I’ll discuss creating of the actual characters.

In the beginning I was really experimenting and pushing myself to try to discover what the Glorious 100 would actually be. Initially it was supposed to be one of those art a day challenges where I would post a new Glomo each day, every day for 365 days. When this began in January of last year, I was pretty steady and posted new images each day for a good month. In order to complete this I would only draw half the monster. That’s why the first few you only see the upper half of the body. Shortcuts people… shortcuts.




I hated that look and started to show the whole body depending on the character. This really began when I started the Street Fighter section up until Chun Li. Which is when I created Noodles (who is based on my daughter 🙂 who is full body and so is Chun Li. But to maintain the daily posts I started taking more short cuts although it was half laziness/half style, lol. Laziness was most apparent in the homage to the Todd McFarlane Hulk vs Wolverine cover. The Storm Noodles is only designed from the waist up. Lower half is undesigned. As seen below.

At the same time, the run of Star Wars characters are full bodied just cropped at the waist. The Star Wars series also introduced the free hand drawing technique for Glomo illustrations. Unlike 80% or more of the GM 100 these are sketched out in my sketchbook, iPhone shot, imported into Adobe Illustrator and then digitally inked and colored. These take a bit longer but you get great Glomos like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker out of it. Or later on images like X-Force, Assassin’s Creed and one of my favorites, Garrosh Hellscream from WoW. Its a great style but very time consuming.



At this point, I stopped trying to do daily and narrowed the field down to 100 and started doing base style you see for a majority of the 100. This carried for close 15 straight Glomos. Then I took a break, saw some amazing concept art and started experimenting with painting in Adobe Photoshop. This is what lead to the Gotham series of painted illustrations. These take even longer than the vector illustrations which is why there is only like 8 of them in the whole set.



By this time I was in the second half of the 100 and realized I wouldn’t complete the set if I didn’t trick out the base style for the remainder of the series. With that realization I focused on creating a lot of detail in the characters themselves and reworking my lighting to make the image more dynamic. I will discuss this in deeper detail in the final section of this blog series.