109 Painting with Corel Painter

In my continued journey of learning how to paint I installed Corel Painter today. This thing is really in depth and has A LOT of options that photoshop just can’t duplicate. I think I saw paint drying, which is crazy. The digital world is blurring the lines between real and fake. Granted I still have much to learn. But I think I got much better resultĀ from painter than I ever did from Photoshop 5 or Art Rage 3. Hope you enjoyed and I’ll try to post some more later in the week.



3 thoughts on “109 Painting with Corel Painter

  1. DonĀ“t be fooled. Photoshop is sadly superior. Painter overcomplicate thing in order to archive standard slightly different results. But that results can be reproduced with PS easily and, the program is far more stable.

    I use Painter as well, but the facts are the facts

  2. Interesting. I won’t claim that I am an expert at painting or Painter but i just feel it has its purpose. That purpose is to recreate the feeling that your painting. I have not gotten that feeling from ever painting with Photoshop.

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