Scott Pilgrim vs Pope’s Wacom pt1

So last night, my boy and Table of Truth partner Cam and I went to see, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. If you have at any moment enjoyed video games, anime, elaborate fights sequences, teen angst and comedy, you should go see this movie. I have to admit, I took my time to finally purchase my ticket as I’ve was busy sleeping and such. But I have to tell you this movie is amazing. Possibly one of the best comic book movies I’ve ever seen.

So to honor this movie, i was inspired to draw a picture depicting a scene from the movie of which I will not divulge for those who have not seen it. This is a work in progress and i’ll be posting up the more later in the week. For now enjoy this black and white feast and the original sketch/concept piece below.



3 thoughts on “Scott Pilgrim vs Pope’s Wacom pt1

  1. Pardon the late response. After the scan I redrew aka digitally inked this piece in Illustrator. Once everything is where I want it to be I start adding flat colors.

    Most of the time I work solely in Illustrator unless I come up with a lighting or texture technique I can’t accomplish in Illustrator then I switch to photoshop

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