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Muhammad Ali by Pope Phoenix for BET Networks

Muhammad Ali Tribute

As I worked on this Muhammad Ali poster I began to think about legacy. Thinking of the one he left behind and the mark…


The Glorious 100 – Design

In Part One – Branding I discussed the thought process behind how the branding was used and evolved across the images of the Glorious…


The Glorious 100 – Branding

For the better part of 2013 I’ve been working on the Glorious 100. This project has helped me refine many things about The Glorious…


Ninja Beard – Part 1

If you are a follower on my Instagram account (@popephoenix) you have seen my rough animation tests that I’ve posted over the last few…


The Glorious Victory

I’ve teamed up with the great folks over at The Cotton Bureau to sell one of my favorite designs “the Glorious Victory.” This design…


Breaking Fred Vectorial

Breaking Fred is one of my favorite art series I’ve done since it was done during the height of the Breaking Bad Finale. It…